Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are Infill Lot & Rural Vacant Land Reports used for ?

Infill Reports take the mystery out of land use potential by using a simple 1 – 3 rating system and let you know If the lot in its current state is buildable or not buildable. If it is not buildable, then what is needed for it to be suitable to build on. 

What do the reports include ?

Apart from the information about the lot being buildable and ratings, you also receive information about liens and marketable title. It also provides a preliminary title report so you know exactly what to expect before going into escrow.

What characteristics are rated/scored ?

These are the characteristics you receive the scores for:

  • Legal Lot Status 
  • Zoning/Land Use
  • Hazard Zones
  • HOA/Deed/Map
  • Restrictions
  • Utilities
  • And other unidentified characteristics

How does the Buildability Scoring work ?

A score of 1 means that building is prohibited on the lot in its current condition.

A score of 2 means needs further action to make it buildable.

A score of 3 means the property needs no further action to make it buildable.

How long does it take for my orders to be processed and completed ?

The Determination Letter is available within 4 business days of purchase.

The Infill Lot and Rural Vacant Land Reports are available within 7 business days of purchase.

What's the difference between the reports ?

Like the names imply, Infill Lot Reports focus on infill lot properties and Rural Vacant Land Reports focus on rural vacant land properties.

A Determination Letter is a pre-cursor to those reports if you’re not ready to purchase the full report.