Our Team

Steven Butala

Steven Butala is a professional real estate investor. He has bought and sold over 15,000 properties. Since 1999, he has generated more than $20,000,000 without incurring leverage or debt from an original $8,000 investment. Steven currently holds properties all over the country with his partner Jill.

Steven’s key to success: “I buy property cheap enough so that when I wholesale it out, the buyers always make more money than I do on the asset. They come back for more, for life. When you start the deal with the buyer, finding a seller is simple and you don’t own the asset for long, if at all. Most investors have this backwards.”

Steven is the co-founder of Land Academy where he and Jill complete real estate transactions with invited members and the members create long term equity for themselves.

Steven’s current focus is the acquisition of undervalued land and single family residences for immediate resale and sharing the decades of online self-created investments tools with members of Land Academy.

Steven loves data. He believes it’s at the core of purchasing real estate property and creating equity in its immediate re-sale. “We are a data company that happens to buy/sell real estate.”

Steven and Jill produce a daily podcast/radio syndication.

Mike Marshall

With over 15 years of experience working on the inside of local government agencies in both California and Texas, Mike Marshall has positioned himself as an expert within the niche real estate specialization of zoning and land use regulation. Throughout his career, Mike has provided his expertise to hundreds of investors, helping them answer one deceptively simple question….what can I do with this property? 
Always dedicated to being well rounded in his professional pursuits, at various times during his career, Mike has worn the hat of development consultant, business owner, and investor. 
In 2014, Mike co-founded a land development consulting company that focused on providing clients with advisory services for small sized multifamily and single family residential developers. Upon selling his portion of the business to a business partner, Mike transitioned into providing due diligence services for individual real estate investors looking for assistance navigating the labyrinth of government regulations that apply to the use and development of infill lots, rural vacant land and single family residences. Then in 2016 he began investing in land in part to gain a greater perspective on the businesses of investors he seeks to help in their acquisitions each day.

Umar Awan

Umar has over 6 years of experience working with various well established companies, where he handled data and daily operations. His goal is to always provide the best service, accurately and timely. Mastering the art of wearing multiple hats at once, he has his foot in the door with a lot of our projects. 
As Client Services Manager, he makes all his conversations professional and informative. He can assist you whether you are just starting out in your real estate investing venture or have multiple deals under your belt. 
He has been described as “a walking cash register” by our leader Steven Butala on multiple occasions due to his execution of meeting revenue goals. Have any questions about infill lot or rural vacant land reports? Umar is just an email or a phone call away.